Heritage and community assets

We believe that there is a link between the role of community assets and other policy areas. Historic buildings are a visual asset and neighbourhoods lose their identity without them. Making use of heritage buildings encourages a mix of uses in the local area and gives support to employment locally. It also becomes a way of being able to show that other business models can flourish by converting existing historic buildings and establishing independent businesses in them. The built heritage of the Elephant and Castle and Walworth areas is eclectic with a wide range of buildings from different areas all of which serve to animate the story of the local area. Old buildings can serve to hold together new developments and act as a glue for them in an area.

For example, we intend to:

  • propose a number of new conservation areas;
  • identify buildings for local listing;
  • publish an online register of buildings under threat and promote it on social media;
  • identify and promote local shopping parades;
  • promote developments along the railway line, to enhance the heritage of the local area by making use of the significant heritage value of the line itself;
  • encourage good design quality in new buildings;
  • advocate the importance of East Street in the cultural history of the local area.


Improving Liverpool Grove as a pedestrian space
Since the loss of the only green space along the Walworth Rd at Carter Street Garden, local people have been looking for opportunities to create more open space in the area as a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the high street itself. Liverpool Grove is little used by motor vehicles at present being closed off to through traffic but most of the space is given over to car parking or redundant road. Local groups would like to transform the space and making it a fitting walking route to our only Grade 1 Listed building (St Peter’s Church) as well as to Faraday Gardens and the large number of estates just to the east. This is a vision for how this might be done maintaining parking and access for residents while creating pleasant and greener space for local people and visitors.

Identifying heritage walks (Walworth Heritage Trail – route 1)
The first Walworth Heritage Trial was launched in June 2014 as part of the Walworth Heritage Day. It identified more than 20 historic locations in the area. These are shown in this pdf as a downloadable self-guided walk and history guide.

The history of East St market
The History of East Street Market has been charted in many ways but this leaflet gives a short history of the market along with some of the characters and places which have been so important to it.

Assets of Community value

We would like to find out which assets have the potential to be designated assets of community value, which include assets of enduring importance for the local community. The assets mapped below are of value for the community because of their use. Therefore, from this list the heritage assets are missing and we were planning to develop a separate map for this type of assets. This interactive map is a work in progress and includes assets such as community halls, community centres and libraries. Any help and suggestions are welcome!