Local business

We want to make sure that the neighbourhood plan addresses the concerns of existing local business and encourages the creation of new local and sustainable companies.

The Guardian refers to Elephant & Castle as being omni-cultural, not just multi-cultural.   Businesses are part of our heritage (e.g. East Street market) and need a survival plan.

We aim to map businesses in the area, their background, to best involve them in the definition of the neighbourhood plan.

Major concerns and aims identified so far include:

  • There has been a loss of business space (turned into housing). We want ensure that existing local and independent businesses are able to thrive in the area. Therefore, one of our aims is to encourage the creation of affordable business space.
  • The development of the opportunity area is piecemeal which makes it all the more important to have a neighbourhood plan with a connected vision. In particular, we identified within the boundary these existing local centres which need support: the arches on Elephant road and near Strata Tower; East street market; Rodney Road; Harper Road;  Bagshot street and Maddock Way.


  • Manor Place Terrace regeneration has the potential to create a new vibrant local centre for West Walworth. We think that the E&W neighborhood forum can play a role in harnessing ideas and contribute towards a sustainable plan for the area.

  • We envisage the opportunity for an incubation centre for Walworth Road businesses, which will help sustain themselves and grow.       

The working groups on local businesses build on the work led by:

Latin Elephant


Business extra

Uncle Aug